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90's Post Internet

Always love rummaging through the old filing cabinet in the studio and finding the odd gem from the past.

Remembering where I was when designing every single one of them, who the client was and who printed them. Strange how these things stick.

Notice only some of the designs had website url's on the covers. The internet had only been around for 7 years in 1998. The mid-nineties saw some venues develop their own websites, the late 90's and early 2000's saw a rapid growth of websites within theatre and arts. E-commerce was still new and although the likes of Amazon had launched, people still didn't really trust buying their stuff online, imagine not being able to buy a ticket to a show online!

Dial Up

Print was still king and a necessity when publicising your season what's on. This was probably helped by the very reason that accessing a website was not as simple as it is today. WiFi didn't exist and we had this thing called dial up! A tiresome, intermittent connection method - much quicker to flick through a brochure (See below) .

The process involved a telephone line, a modem and a "state of the art" computer and plenty of time on your hands. Don't expect to quickly fire off that email or look up some information on a search engine such as Ask Jeeves, Google and Yahoo! Search engines were slow and content was sparse. The chances of finding what your were looking for were slim! Thank you broadband and WiFi.

Supporting Online with Offline

By using both online and offline as part of your marketing strategy, you will reach more of your audience. Supporting your online product or services with leaflets, posters, radio and display will give you more coverage.

Get in touch if you need help with your brand online or in print.

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