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New name, a new division for The Urban Group: Urban Zero

Red Bonsai Design has worked with The Urban Group to launch a new division called Urban Zero. This exciting new initiative not only features a complete branding package but also a unique and impactful name conceptualised by Red Bonsai Design. The work encompasses the naming process, the design of the website, vehicle livery, and all printed communications, setting a solid foundation for the division's future success.

Introducing Urban Zero

Urban Zero, the newest division of The Urban Group, is dedicated to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to local authorities and housing associations.


This division represents The Urban Group’s commitment to addressing environmental challenges and promoting a greener future. The name Urban Zero reflects the division's goal of achieving zero emissions and zero waste, encapsulating its mission in a simple yet powerful way.

Urban Zero vehicle livery
Urban Zero vehicle livery
Urban Zero vehicle livery
Urban Zero vehicle livery

With the launch of Urban Zero, The Urban Group is poised to make significant strides in the field of sustainability. The thoughtful and strategic branding by Red Bonsai Design has set the stage for Urban Zero to thrive, ensuring that its mission and values are communicated effectively to a broad audience.



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